Having dealt with thousands of guitarists in the last 40 years, one learns to recognize talent and true love of music. After hearing the beautiful music of Lucas Michailidis, it is my strong wish that everyone could hear it.
Ted Greene

Greetings and welcome.

The latest news is that Lucas is working towards the completion of a new fingerstyle release that will be available early in 2013.

Those in need of a dose of inspiration can access Digital Pill TV for an insight into Lucas' triadic approach to playing. This site is an excellent resource featuring great Australian musicians sharing their knowledge in informative online lessons.

Our article section now also consists of some recent additions featured in previous editions of Guitarist Australia Magazine. Topics include: Travis picking, Triadic inversions, Contrary Motion, Right Hand Studies Voice Leading and more. In addition it is possible to download the notation/tab for Lucas' arrangement of the Bach Invention No.13. If you're up for a challenge, this one is highly recommended.

For VCE students, both Dig This and The Farthest Shore are presently featured in the Victorian Certificate Education prescribed listed of notated solo works for contemporary/ popular guitar. These are found in the transcription book Twelve Compositions for Fingerstyle Guitar which features a selection of music from The Offering and Freshwater Road. The book is presented in standard/tableture notation and includes an accompanying CD.

Individual transcriptions of the The Farthest Shore and The Lucky One are also available through
Stropes Editions, Ltd. These are beautifully transcribed and presented by leading fingerstyle publisher- John Stropes.

Both CDs and book can be purchased from our secure online shopping site. Thanks for stopping by.

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