Melville Guitars

Melville Guitars

Lucas plays a 000 series acoustic made by Australia’s premier luthier Christopher Melville. 

It features a Sitka Spruce soundboard, Australian Blackwood back/sides and dark olive green New Guinea Ebony bridge, headstock & binding. 

This instrument is outstanding on several counts: tone, playability and aesthetic. His guitars are constructed with an obsessive consideration regarding the choice of woods and the fact that Chris is highly critical of the quality of both the top & brace wood, ensures that each instrument possesses a phenomenal dynamic range, responsiveness and exquisite, perfectly balanced tone. 

The neck is slim & comfortable and is designed for optimum playability. Given this, it remains strong & stable, coping easily with multiple tension changes i.e. from concert pitch to DADGAD down to C tuning without the neck bending less or more. 

Chris is a master craftsman, whose care and attention to detail result in impeccably crafted instruments that are a joy to play. His guitars have been custom built for acclaimed fingerstylists: Tommy Emmanuel and Tony MacManus and are also featured on The Offering and Freshwater Road.