Another in the legion of incredible CandyRat guitarists who make the technically impossible look so easy, and sound as though heaven-sent: Lucas Michailidis.
— Minor 7th
Lucas Michailidis is quite simply a guitar-playing phenomenon...At a time when there is such enthusiasm for tapping, slapping and for making percussion noises on the guitar body, we often overlook the paucity of musical and emotional substance such exciting pieces actually contain. Lucas’ compositions celebrate high art.
— Akustik Gitarre
... one of the best I’ve heard in the steel string world. It’s really all about the writing. That is the true art and defines the musician as an artist far above just one that plays the guitar.
— Bill Piburn, Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
Having dealt with thousands of guitarists in the last 40 years, one learns to recognize talent and true love of music. After hearing the beautiful music of Lucas Michailidis, it is my strong wish that everyone could hear it.
— Ted Greene, author Chord Chemistry
Displaying lyrical grace throughout…his writing is at it’s best, and is outstanding.
— The Australian
One thing that distinguishes Michailidis from the plethora of acoustic guitarists is his melodic strength. It’s the music, not his technique that catches your ear. He pays great attention to composition, which results in original and often quite beautiful music that avoids the guitar cliché’s lesser musicians fall back on. Freshwater Road is full of deep and seductive music- you’ll be glad you took the turn.
— David Curry, The Canberra Times
His melody lines, structures balance and the percussive skills are awesome. His bass lines are top-notch and spectacular. Lucas Michailidis renewing and challenging developments in guitar music sets him amongst the best guitarists in the circuit.
— Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews
Freshwater Road is filled with wonderful acoustic tunes…Each piece is lyrical, well-crafted and played with consummate ability.
— Robert Santos, Australian Guitar Magazine